Friday, August 23, 2013

Cops can live like kings! Catch: In Detroit

Don't you feel bad for Detroit? It reminds me of the bridesmaid's dress in Fight Club - once loved and now purchased for cents. In a (desperate shhhh) attempt to drum up residents the mayor is offering cops $150,000 in renovation money to move in. They only need to put $1000 down on the house.

They also want to draw in college grads - offering yearly stipends to rent or $20k towards their own place:

According to citidata only 13% of residents have a bachelors! 29% are unemployed!

29% of 916,952 is 265916. There are 265 THOUSAND unemployed folks wandering around Detroit!!!

If any cops were thinking of taking up this deal they should just forget it. Take out a loan and live in the suburbs like all the other folks who want to be safe.

* Photo is from and should not motivate you to move unless you want to end up unemployedly sad and under-educated