Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Canon wants to give you 30 free 8x10s

Believe it or not, its almost time for a new printer at Future Chez Anny. My current printer is still on its original pack of ink and I love it multi-functionability, wirelessness and most of all - looks! That is one snazzy toy right there.

Unfortunately my husband owns a printer he loves just as much. Its a black and white laser which prints 23 pages a minute. My inkjet probably prints two a minute.

So we will combine our printerly loves and buy a wireless color laser. No news on which machine will be in our home soon but if Canon has their way it will be one of these beauts:

All printers start at $500 but the resolution is supposedly impecable. To ensure you purchase the correct paper later they will let you order one print on each paper sample on each machine - so 30 8x10s altogether.

They ran this promotion last year but I didn't have 30 pictures to print. This year? I got married ;)