Thursday, August 8, 2013

a Buffy movie Kickstarter campaign? I don't know guys

I think SMG burned out back in the Buffy days. She played the lead for seven years and by the end she was just tired.

Now that's its been a decade and none of her tv shows or subsequent movies have garnered nearly as much fame she says if the right script came along she would reprise her role:

Of course Joss would have to write the script but he's been too busy Avenging. Alyson Hannigan has not aged a day and rumor has it HIMYM ends this season. Eliza Dushku is on speed to dial to Joss. The wild card would be Xander, who last I heard was fighting alcoholism and making me sad.

For obvious reasons David Boreanaz and his Stupid Hair would not be invited. He's aged, gained weight and would look even creepier as a potential love interest of the perpetually youthful SMG. I don't know where Spike ended up after Smallville but it would be nice if Giles were now sick of his family and willing to come back.

While its nice SMG is open to revisiting Buffy again I don't think this could happen for a long time. Anyone but Joss would tank the script and last I heard he had the tv show SHIELD and Avengers 2 on his plate.

We all know what happens when he gets stretched too thin - he calls in Marti Noxon and she does stuff like name characters after her dog and ruin everything Joss creates.