Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NOOOOOOO! My Sims sports careers are ruined!!!

Those EA guys are soooo clever. They kept touting the latest update with its fancy weather and games without mentioning they would be changing the sims sports career hours!

Previously sims went off from 12:30-1:30 and bought home $1,100 - not bad for an hour's work. Now they work from 8am-12am. If you are awake at 8, you are not around your game at noon. Lamers.

Other immediate update included fans and heaters in the store. Some are cute and I love that white fireplace:

Click to see larger.

I wish that puke cleaner-upper was also a Mirra. Some of my pools are akwardly (read: fun) sized and it takes 4 different sims 2-3 passes to get them clean.

I also dig the new log in screen. Most of my sims are roughly on the same schedule growing things for me but its nice to scroll through quickly before a full login: