Sunday, June 2, 2013

Low Blood Pressure Peeps: Does the Wii Sports Active armband hate you too?

I got the Wii Active 2 for Christmas but was still playing with part 1. Two things made me sad right away:

1. EA shut down the on-line servers for this game in April of this year. If I'd gotten off my butt before then I could have joined in group challenges and stuff.

2. The arm band doesn't seem to like my low blood pressure. The first few times I used it, it took about 10 minutes to pick up my data. I was placing it where the video told me and the leg monitor was fine. This was so frustrating since the game can't be played until all sensors are active. I think my inevitable annoyance and arm shaking finally made my pressure go up enough to be sensed.

I finally started strapping the sensor on *before* playing as I move around, change, get my drink, etc. If that doesn't work a few jumping jacks usually reminds it that I am alive.

Anyone else have this issue?