Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Look at all the pretties I didn't buy

My guy and I are officially looking for a new home so I am limiting myself to only purchasing edibles before the Big Move Date....well and maybe some blu-rays if they are wishlisted and awesome. Lets be honest ;)

So look at awesomeness I didn't buy yesterday:

I just blogged about painting vases last week and here are a lovely matching set. They were $8 and $10 respectively so it may be worth trading off stress for perfection.

At $8 and $10 if these broke my world would not end. I debated them because they are white and we are getting married soon but realized my ulterior motives - I just want more pretty breakables.

Ditto for these adorable "love birds." Luckily I didn't want to own them after the wedding so they stayed behind. $7 each

Some kind of white stone lamp. I don't need more lamps but this was pretty to look at. $30

Speaking of pretty lamps - Marshalls had about 4-5 different ceramic lamps similar to this one. They were $30 and awesome but light barely shown through the ceramic so I guess they are meant to be spotlights. I would not recommend a tall, breakable bedside lamp.

They had about 5-6 of these in different colors and sizes. Its a suspended candle holder! See that tealight holder inside? I would suspend these on my future patio with citronella candles inside. Then I would put it on a stick hobo-style and just carry it as my defense. They were $30+ depending on size although color didn't seem to matter.

Photography was my first love so I was delighted by this little book end.

Even more so by this hidden compartment on the side. I would keep government secrets on usb drives inside it. Or spare keys. I would probably keep spare keys inside it.

These stores always have at least one large WTF item and this was it. At $1500 I think it was also taller than my apartment's ceilings. And green. Lets not forget it is green.

I love knick knacks eh?