Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amdro Weed Killer Follow-Up Review

I Amdro'd the side yard about two weeks ago and here are my super-non-scientific findings:

1. I'm not really sure what a weed is. To me a weed is anything growing without a deliberate planting. The side of the Amdro container lists specific plants it kills so its possible I was just expecting too much.

I get lots of these little winders. The Amdro knocked them out fairly easily but the harder to pull clovers look positively fertilized.

A lot of these random plants grow in this stone foundation. Amdro may have dried that one broen leaf but the rest looks happy to be here.

Overall I am pretty happy with Amdro. It may not have killed everything but it seems to have killed down to the roots. Now I just need to go weed my dead weeds.