Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Convergence

Check out this Design House Stockholm Block Lamp! I love glass, ice and lighting so this is obviously my new favorite lamp! Its teeny and would look awesome anywhere. Unfortunately its $140 so I will wait for the Ikea version.

At $40 this adorable nightlight is much more my speed. Its the Glow Brick Night Light and made of resin. I don't have much (any) luck with rechargables but how can I screw up glow in the dark?

It even looks awesome turned off! Green is my second favorite color so I consider it a neutral. The obvious location for it would be my green bedroom but  I would love seeing it hang out on my desk, next to the tv, in the bathroom, etc. This little light would be my adult version of Elf on a Shelf!

Both of these items are from Erie Drive but I have hopes of finding that night light for less elsewhere. The Sun Lamp I bought months ago (what a disappointment) costs $40 here but I paid about $4 from Fab.