Monday, May 6, 2013

Canadians Rise UP!

Oh man I love this song so much! Drake is just so bubbly and happy about everything - doesn't his dancing remind you of a pre-schooler challenging gravity!?

I catch the radio edit to Started from the Bottom several times a day so hearing this uneditted version STILL catches me off guard. I mean - he's a Canadian child star turned CVS employee turned musician. Can he say nigga unironically?

Think of how different this video would have been if any "real" rapper would have shot it. Someone said this video should be the anthem for solidly mediocre accomplishments (like becoming Night Manager at CVS) and I completely agree. Look at how psyched his friends were when he got promoted - AND LIFE GETS BETTER!

This is just adorable and makes me wish Drake further success so he always feels this great!

Side note - does anyone know why the dominican flag is so prominently displayed in this video? Are there Dominicans all the way up there?