Sunday, May 19, 2013

Amdro: Weed Killer

Check out what BzzAgent sent me last week! Its a battery operated weed sprayer! I've used RoundUp weed killer in the past but lets face it - finger gets tired of that infernal spray bottle.

I have had my sprayer for a few days and the instructions indicate to use on wet soil, preferably at night. Its been raining almost daily here and I didn't want it to be washed away so finally went out with it today.

Set up is easy peasy. See that little bottle on top of the spray gun? That is the weed killer. The kit also included one for pest killing, one for weeds and one for grass and weeds.

The refills get attached to the gun, you fill the regular gallon with water and it automatically mixes and disperses the stuff. The nozzle at the end is angled for reaching through to roots. Reach was pretty decent too - at least five feet.

It took me about half an hour to use the whole gallon up. I hung by the mulch, cracks in the driveway and along the garden. RoundUp shrivels and kills weeds in minutes but so far my weeds are as thriving as ever. I figure if this doesn't work I can still use the dispersal system with other kinds of poison. I really dug the battery operated laziness!

I saw this set in the Home Depot ad this week for $12 with one refill and further refills for about $11. Not bad - if it works!

Sure I could have yanked the majority of these weeds in the half hour it took me spray but our wedding is about a month away. My dress is sleeveless and I don't fancy starting married life photoshopping tan lines.