Friday, March 15, 2013

You better not lose your Give Me More Stripes password!

My TGI Fridays rewards card has 267 points. At 50 I could have gotten free dessert and at 150 I qualified for a free steak (top reward).

Know why I haven't redeemed a single point in the past few years? I lost my password and their website wouldn't give it to me.


Finally I e-mailed (no phone number anywhere) and received a canned response FIVE DAYS LATER to do exactly what I'd been doing (typing in e-mail address under Forgot Password) or call 1-800-FRIDAYS (SO OBVIOUS).

The CS Rep feigned shock and reset my password.

Of course its my fault for forgetting my password but I think this is one of those "set up to fail" situations. Their password restrictions are tougher than the ones used by my bank (but not as bad as USPS) and Fridays will let you either print your reward or display it on your phone or computer when the check comes.

I don't want to attempt to remember how many times I clicked "Forgot Password" before leaving for the restaurant, expecting to receive the login info by bill time.

I guess enough times to earn 267 points ;)