Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Will my store bought tulips bloom?

I am SO antsy! Last spring I bought a bunch of tulip plants at my local grocer's. They kept going lower in price and I was happy to have a beautiful plant for about a week at dollar menu prices.

However the internet insists store bought plants won't re-bloom. It has something to do with being forced to bloom out of season the first year. Still, rather than chuck the bulbs I planted them.

I estimate I planted about 6 plants and would have purchased more if I thought they were going to come back. So far they look like this:

Its a promising start but the internet never said they wouldn't grow - they were just insistent about not blooming. I guess we will see what happens.

I swear my tulips are the slowest growing plants in this town. That is over a month's worth of growth!

The tulips did not bloom. There was a ton of leafy foliage but not a single bud or bloom. Now I know.