Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wedding candy bars

I talked about candy buffets back in September. Turns out when you do this at a wedding its called a Wedding Bar. Here are some inspiration shots:

I would be psyched to see this at our wedding. Its our wedding color (RED FTW) mixed with glass, silver and glitter all over the place. The only thing I would change is the monotone candy. I would never sacrifice delicious taste for complementing colors.

Aren't the labels on this set sweet?

See these punched cards with tulle tying them on? Adorable.

All the office supply stores sell these types of printable labels. Some goop off after the wedding would leave the jars as good as new.

Isn't this the prettiest label yet? Feathers and rhinestones make anything better.

These candy slices on the cake stand are adorable. Unwrapped candy doesn't call my attention but I dig the presentation.

I like that little framed picture on the side. It looks like a printable adorned with glitter.

Final bunch of inspiration.