Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some great Office Depot coupons

Office Depot has some awesome coupons right now:

10% off USPS and UPS Priority mail:

25 Free Black & White copies:

30% off Copy and Print Services - Including printed invites:

Some stuff I won't use:
5lbs of free shredding:

Free calendar:

I am all over those free 25 copies! I am teaching an after-school program and have previously made copies on my personal printer but if I can save toner - YAY!

We are still invitationless and Office Depot has some nice embossed stuff I can tie a ribbon around and be happy with. If we go with OD I will be sure to use the 30% coupon.


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david kulligan said...

I already got free black and white copies from macys discount coupons , thanks for sharing wonderful coupons.