Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Putting up aluminum siding is a piece of cake! (for half an hour)

My brother turned thirty last week (yipes) so I missed my Habitat for Humanity class. Bummer but this week we did something awesome - siding!

We started with the same box as always. The teachers pried off our hard-installed sheetrock and had us nail up sheetrock. We only used the three-ply but if I ever have to do this on my own I am going to drill instead. You have no idea how many times I hit my fingers or how long it took me to nail!

Next up we installed the corner pieces and a bottom "holder." I hadn't (ever) thought about it but most homes have a block foundation. Right above that a flexible plastic strip is installed then siding gets snapped into it!

That's it!

See the top of the siding there? It has a "bubble lip" at the top. All you have to do is snap the next piece into it from the bottom and nail. The siding even has spots to nail through! We cut the pieces with large plier looking things but its just molded plastic.

The "lip" is easier to see in this photo. Look at how professional that looks!

It was surprisingly fast work even though we had to nail that whole darned thing. If I ever do this on my own I will gladly budget for screws instead of nails.

Siding is surprisingly cheap too. Lowes carries this kind (double rowed - in this picture we have 4 pieces snapped together) for only $8 for a twelve foot long piece. That may not mean much if you are vinyling an entire house but if you are building a small shed this is a great, cheap alternative. I wish I'd known everything I know now before buying that shed last year.

Next week is the last Women's Build class and I am ecstatic. I have learned so much, am confident with tools I never knew existed and best of all - I see how affordable it is to do things on my own rather than ordering something pre-fabricated.