Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nope, not even a monogram will make me love veils

Thanks to Pinterest I know I hate veils. They are ridiculous garments which should be phased out of modern dress.

In fact there should be a rule that only folks in mourning can wear  veils. Mourning steals privacy and if a piece of black tulle brings back a niche - then go for it. Weddings and First Communions are about happiness and beaming. They don't need a cloth overlay.

However I am a polite person and when the dressing girl at the dress place put a veil on my head I awwed and gave it back. Even when I found this picture of a woman wearing a monogrammed veil with my future initial I wasn't tempted.

That's when I knew my feelings about veils were unshakable. If not even the optional monogram makes me want it I definitely dislike it.