Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Minor eBay changes next month - BIN, Free Listings

If eBay didn't e-mail all the time I wouldn't notice half of what they do.

Starting April 16 buyers who use Buy it Now (rather than bidding) on auctions will have to immediately pay for the item or risk losing it. I remember three changes with Buy it Now:

1. Originally buyers had to immediately pay
2. Now they can win the auction but pay whenever they feel like it
3. Starting in April they can "win" a buy it now but if someone else decides to BIN and pay first that seller gets the item

Seems fair to me!

Also you know how eBay lets you have fifty free monthly listings? Starting next month they can be fixed price listings as well. Normally that was an extra .50 or so.

Not a major set of updates but both are noncommittally nice.