Thursday, March 7, 2013

I hope our wedding guests take everything

Guess what I happened across on a cold winter Saturday? An estate sale! I was with a friend who bought crap like silver plated serving dishes and a perpetual motion clock. Unfortunately when it was time to pay all our stuff got bunched together and my share was $10 for this:

I know I overpaid. The angel with harp is a really solid tree topper. I was peer pressured by my (then 3 years old) niece into a color changing star topper but never really liked it.
  1. copper 11x14 frame because I never see that color
  2. glass apothecary jar because I have some wacky succulent wedding favor idea brewing
  3. really long seamstress ruler for all my wallpapering adventures (more on that later)
  4. paint roller extender in case I ever paint stairs again
  5. beaded flower holder or maybe bracelet
  6. birdie pendant
  7. matching set of heavy glass bowls (perhaps for wedding candy?)
Look at what the bowls say:

I see these at garage sales all summer but never picked one up

Etched glass ftw. So I got 9 items for $10, which doesn't look so bad on the blog but my friend's share was $15 and he got pricier junk. I guess comparison leads to discontent eh?

This was from the Habitat for Humanity store so more in line with my usual spending. $2 white vase for those 2 days when I was contemplating a mish mash of white vases for wedding centerpieces. .25 each for three mini containers that will be perfect for succulents. $1 for a roundish mini apothecary jar because when I say "wedding" I really mean "hoarding."