Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey I repaired a hole in the ceiling!

I am inordinately proud of this one because I repaired something instead of making it look pretty!

The plumbers had to replace this portion of the pipe in the basement. Its beautifully shiny and I hope to never see it again.

Youtube said rather than cut a piece of sheetrock into that jagged hole I should cut a rectangular hole, measure it and cut a sheetrock to that size.

See that decidedly non-straight line at the top of the photo? There is a beam there so I couldn't easily cut through sheetrock to make a perfect line.

Half hour of chipping later I had a rectangularish hole.

I cut a piece of wood from last year's kitchen remodel to fit in the hole. Now I understand why my dad always saved random pieces of wood. You can see on the sides where I screwed the wood to the existing sheetrock in order to brace it for:

My piece of sheetrock! I screwed the sheetrock to the wood. The trick, youtube says is to use a piece of sheetrock the same depth as the one you are replacing. I also put some screws through the front into that beam that kept being in my way before.

Spackle, sand. Spackle, sand. I didn't use the super fast drying spackle and instead spread this step out over two days. Since it was in the ceiling I quickly grew tired of craning too.

Now the patch is indistinguishable from its surrounding area. Good Job Self!