Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frame them Manno!

If I'd realized tonight was Framing and Trim night at the Habitat for Humanity workshop, I may have stayed home. I'd spent the afternoon in my own basement putting up trim!

So first we nailed down baseboard trim, then we added that quarter circle sized trim. I usually glue, or even grout trim cause I am worried about splitting it with nails. So guess what happened when it was my turn to hammer?

I split the wood.

The instructor said caulk would cover it right up but I don't trust him. Its a glue-life for me.

Then we used miter boxes to cut these 15" frame segments. After we cut our four pieces guess what we did?

We glued them on to the wall!

Next week is basic electrical work. I am making sure I wear rubber soled shoes for that one!