Thursday, March 14, 2013

Double check your Staples rewards this month

Oh Staples, your constant screw-ups endear you to me even more.

Last month Staples ran an ink recycling promotion. If you purchased $50 worth of HP ink in one day and also recycled ink catridges you would get $4 back as Staples rewards per cartridge recycled, instead of the customary $2.

Staples has been running this promotion for years. Sometimes they cap the number of cartridges recycled and sometimes they don't. It seems they meant to cap last month's recycling at 5 cartridges per person but forgot to tell anyone. So people expecting a $40 bonus on their recycling for last month only received $10.

If you call in the associates will credit your account the extra money. My CS rep said they are just issuing the extra credit to anyone who calls since it was their fault. He also said future double ink recycling promotions will be capped at five but CS reps like to talk.

Staples will be running the double ink promotion again next week but this time its with the purchase of ANY $50 worth of ink. I typically eBay the ink I am "forced" to buy but if they carry my printer's ink I may actually keep the stuff. My printer is still using the Genuine Brother ink cartridges it came with and the difference in print quality between it and my old printer is astounding. I don't know if its because my printer is several years newer or because the old printer used generics but I want to maintain this quality if possible!