Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Before & After: An empty room!

Let me tell you the story of this empty room:

Once upon a time my cousin moved into a beige bedroom. As excitable people do, he ran out and purchased this strange blue paint. Alas by the time he was ready to paint the tv had been mounted. Rather than dismount to paint, he worked around it. Ironically, a week later he decided the wall mounted tv was giving him neck pains so put it back on the dresser.

Two years later he moved out - having stared at that beige splotch with holes all that time. The worst part was finding almost half a gallon of leftover blue paint in a closet after he'd left. Two years of staring at that over his tv versus 2 minutes to paint over it?


Since this is the bedroom color of teenaged boys I took it back to beige.

Two things here - first that ceiling ruined me. They are individual tiles and he painted between each one. Thoroughly. Its as if he had a spray gun or Photoshop paint bucket. Taking this disaster back to white went through two cans of white spray paint, multiple foam brushes and more Stephen King audio than you can imagine.

Again - ridiculous amount of detail to the ceiling but baseboard shenanigans.

Even the walls which look ok in these photos were riddled with weird clusters of holes. Someone revoke his drill. Please.

Afterwards was a light beige with white trim and walls. I don't know enough to box in that white pipe (laundry) so I worked with it.

I bought this and the light plate at Target years ago planning to put them in a kitchen. This is a better representation of the wall color. The first one looks super yellow because of the light.

And a close-up of the far side of the room's ceiling. This was by the time I'd given up trying to cover all the blue in the crevices. It was so much work I just stopped caring.

So here are my warnings:
1. If my cousin rents from you, get a security deposit
2. If you are a non-sensical tenant of mine I will photograph your oddities and show the internet

Seems fair.

Next up - the kitchen.


Della Hethcox said...

HAHAHA. That is hilarious. I love the "paint-around-the-tv" technique.