Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beadboard Wallpapering Again

Back in 2011 I used beadboard wallpaper on the bottom half of my kitchen and it has held up beautifully. I had about 75% of a roll left over and finally decided to put it up in the basement bathroom.

The top half is burgundy "oopsy" paint and my cousin painted a good foot or more past where she needed to. Subsequently I put up the first piece of wallpaper and freaked out to see the burgundy paint showing through the grooves:

I grabbed a paintbrush and slathered primer up to the proper height, hoping it would be enough to hide the burgundy when I put up the rest of the wallpaper.

Of course the next day the wallpaper had dried and you can't see through it at all! If I'd known this wallpaper was so hardcore I could have finished wallpapering the rest of the room that night.

I've been prettifying the basement for weeks and its finally coming to an end. More pictures as the projects keep on finishing!