Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Basement bathroom before and afters

Check this out:

Yes, its an extremely ugly yet clean bathroom. Check out the beige marks on the wall behind and next to the toilet. I think someone thought about painting and reconsidered. There isn't water damage or natural lighting in here plus the marks are so square it has to have been a paint roller.

Spoiler alert: The curtain stays!

This little shelf got painted, hardware updated and stuck back in the same corner. Alas I forgot to take photos of it. See that raspberry smear on the wall? That was the original wall color but my cousin did an enthusiastic first and second coat, used up all the paint and missed all the corners. This was a low cost re-do so I did the final painting with some burgundy oopsy paint from a wall collage I did back in 2006. Paint lasts dude.

Ta-da! New sink accessories courtesy of my sister-in-law's remodelling tendencies, new medicine cabinet courtesy of my brother's craigslisting and a quasi-patriotic color scheme! The weird patches on the ceiling were already there. My own patch is inside the shower and looks way better than this stuff! It was that or show you a dirty floor. This is still a construction zone guys.

New towel holders and toilet paper holder purchased at our Habitat for Humanity store. They sell a ton of new bathroom "things" from True Value. The toilet paper is about six inches higher but I didn't want to drill through (and possibly mess up) my wallpaper. Its centered between the towel racks, which are also higher than normal because I want the wallpaper to stay clean for as long as possible. The future tenant's guy installed that little black spice rack all the way to the left for her to store nailpolish. I bet this leads to an inverse number of nail polish to female visitors ratio.

Check out the detail work on the corner of the "new" medicine cabinet:

I found matching finials for $2.xx at Home Depot to hide the ends of my trim:

Everything looks bad in extreme close-up huh?

So breakdown:

Repurposed paint, wallpaper and medicine cabinet my brother didn't want
New doorknobs (not pictured): $5
Trim and Finials: $11
Tile: $2
Towel & Toilet paper holder: $11
Adhesive for trim: $8

Total: $37

Next up: I painted a bedroom down here too.