Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yay I am going to be more useful!

I got free safety goggles!
I signed up for Habitat for Humanity Women's Build classes and tonight was the first one.

There were about twenty-five women (and one 10 year old without a babysitter) and we got to learn all about the right tools for the right job. Since 97% of my tool knowledge came from Industrial Arts class in grade school, 1% from my brother and 2% from YouTube this was so awesome!

Remember that time I framed my bathroom mirror and the corners were ugly so I was bummed? Turns out if I'd used the Correct Saw instead of the First Saw it would have been a much smoother, nice job.

Today we only learned about tool safety, the idea behind erecting a wall (levels, studs, measuring, etc) and got to cut 2x4 - which aren't even 2x4 in size anymore! SHOCK

I am excited to use power tools next week. Here is our schedule:
  • February 19th - Basic tools and job safety
  • February 26th - Framing and Sheetrock
  • March 19th - Sheeting and Siding