Thursday, February 21, 2013

When it rains on USPS it pours

Normally I am thrilled by USPS. They ship quickly, cheaply and allow me to goof off on eBay all day instead of painting my nails.

Every once in a while something like this happens though:

I'd expect this from UPS not USPS!
That darling little first class package sans insurance went out to France last week. Yep, its a re-used Amazon box but that has never been a problem before.

The problem were the contents - a limited edition steelbook blu-ray which got unhappily distorted in spite of a bunch of air bubbles and packing.

The buyer opened a "Not as Described" case, paypal ganked the funds from my account and I got annoyed. First I called eBay, who as usual, were absolutely useless. I asked if this was a legit case since the guy didn't buy insurance, USPS squished it and he admitted I used a ton of packaging.

Side Rant: I really wish someone would open a good eBay competitor. I've never come away satisfied from contacting them because their answer is always "resolve it with the seller." They act like playground monitors instead of a mediatory company for private sellers and buyers. Jerks.

Anyway it worked out because the seller opened their case through paypal so I called them next. I never think to do this!

I explained the situation, the rep checked out the pictures and I asked if my 14 day with return of item policy on eBay helped me at all. She said all international disputes are escalated to a higher department that always settles the case in everyone's favor since shipping back items would be expensive.

Take that eBay.

So my next USPS sadness of the day is Office Depot's fault. I shipped a box under a pound from their store on Tuesday and it bounced back today because they labelled it as a Priority Flat Rate envelope when it was clearly a regular box. They charged the $23.95 I expected so I didn't double check the label before paying. Now I have to meander over their way to see what they can do about this.

Here's Hoping for another easy resolution!