Monday, February 25, 2013

Succulents as Wedding Favors?

We're getting married in June so I guess its time to start planning the logistics of a wedding/dinner right?

We decided plants would be excellent favors. I adore them and if they die folks can throw them away instead of feeling the need to keep that one odd wine glass with your name etched on it. Of course we said plants but I heard succulents. They need watering every other week, like bright indirect light and come in so many varieties.

Look at these adorable cuttings: AC Moore sells those very same pots for .50 each and I have purchased plants that size for $2. Gravel from a pet store, some rhinestone decoration, a pendant, sticker with wedding info at the bottom and BOOM $5 souvenier.

Group them altogether as a centerpiece

or stick some in larger containers in different heights

Lowes has a pretty nice selection of 4" succulents for $3 each. They're a lot bigger than the pots up there though ^ See my car key for scale all the way to the right? These babies would require larger containers.

Check out these gorgeous mod containers! These were $16 each and could be hung from that errant wire or stood. I think they are gorgeous but they aren't very large - maybe five or six inches? That's not much bang for buck. Plus lets face it - this style isn't going to mesh into other homes as well as it would mine. Update: Amazon sells the tall container and the short container too! Alas plantless.

This set was a bargain for $6. They each had 3 plants larger than the standalone $3 ones and the containers are a nice clay/glazed combination. If the combo would have been white I would have been tempted to buy them all and try to keep them alive for four months. Unfortunately I don't like the containers and I don't know what I would do with that many empty pots if I decided to replant them.

This is the traditional succulent garden seen everywhere. I think it was $6 or $9 each. That's not bad but I am not a huge fan. The rocks are glued down and they always look so fake. Is there even soil in those containers?

We've discussed a larger centerpiece plant someone could take home. These are pretty large (I should have measured!) and were $30. I like the subtle variations in containers.

So that's my Lowes report. Its still too far out to so anything but plan right now. I figure plants can be purchased about two weeks before the wedding and that will give me time to bling them out and replant them. If I buy them now I am in charge of keeping them alive that long or hearing Brown Thumb jokes for the rest of my life!