Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Magic BB Cream

So I don't normally wear makeup. It feels like so much work for so little reward! Sure, I will gussy up for a special event or if there is a chance of photography but how often does that happen? Honestly, now that I am a grown-up about five times a year. Normally if I want to look a little nicer I will just break out the lipstick and mascara, preen for a few and leave.

So anyway SheSpeaks asked me to review L'Oreal's BB Cream:

They sent me the sample about a month ago but I was lazy.

Here is the "Before Me" in my fiance's bathroom because this review is due tomorrow.

I selected "medium" as my skintone and the stuff looks like this - much lighter than my complexion with sandy looking beads. This never turns out well.

I seem to be a little lighter than medium eh?

I don't know - right side and left side don't have that large of a difference right? It lightened my undereye circles a little and didn't make me multi-toned as I'd feared but it didn't really overwhelm me either.

So I guess my review is - it applies easily with my fingers although I think I was supposed to use a cotton ball? There weren't instructions. Also, it washed off my face and hands easily without leaving streaking on the towel when I was done. That's important.

Other than that I am still a lousy makeup wearer. This stuff is always free after coupons at drugstores and I buy it to eBay instead of wearing. I'm still 34 so maybe when I'm 44 makeup will be a more important part of my life.

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