Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Redbox video is streaming now - Very Mehworthy

If you want to sign up to be a Redbox streaming videos beta tester (one month free) visit their website: https://www.redboxinstant.com/rbgatekeeper/

I think I signed up in December and about a month later received a beta test invite. I've had Redbox streaming since January 19th and have not streamed a single thing yet.

Here's why:

This is their Featured Movies list. I own Thor on blu-ray (thanks SwapaDVD!), saw Transformers years ago and The Lincoln Lawyer streamed on Netflix last year. Also, they only have the Paranormal Activities up to 3. Netflix supposedly already has #4.
So if Featured stuff is boring lets just go see what's Just In. Ahh Ghost Protocol, I made a nice profit buying you for $5 at Best Buy and trading you in for $18 worth of Swapadvd credits last year.

The selection is so awful Popular Movies include stuff from the 90s!

I understand Redbox Streaming is still beta testing but with these cruddy selections there isn't anything worth watching. Since they don't offer Wii streaming I'd have to watch their movies on my iPad or computer - not on my nice comfortable couch with feet up and I am NOT doing that for Big Daddy.

If they really want to test their betas they should offer a really popular or new movie like Batman 3 for at least a day. This will test their server's load capacity and really get folks into their service.

I believe Redbox streaming will be $8/month once its finally out and you will receive four free rentals at their kiosks for that price. Honestly? Unless their selection drastically improves even $8 is too much for this hodge podge of old movies. Netflix doesn't have a kiosk but their on-line selection is awesome and their mail order catalog can't be beat.