Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Readers, Fire up your Printers!

Have you seen http://www.printablepaper.net/? Just as the url implies, this is where you can go to print .... paper. Everything from generic lined to budgets to game sheets. Over 1000 templates in all!

Everyone's favorite romantic Canadian, Ryan Gosling, is immortalized in a coloring book here: http://www.refinery29.com/ryan-gosling-coloring-book/slideshow?page=1#slide-1

I swear Gosling is becoming a parody of himself. In a late-night interview the other day he said while filming a day-long scene with a group of little old ladies they taught him to knit. His ideal day, he says, is one where he has nothing to do but knit all day and at the end you have an akward gift for someone. <3

Plus watch this interview where he discusses buying hundreds of Girl Scout cookies and driving around LA throwing them at people? He just can't be a real person.