Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh Spring, Come soon!

Its all rain and sludge and the muddy aftermath of snow here in Jersey. I walked to the post office today and people are back to marking parking spots with sundry items:

Doesn't that little carousel make you sad? Someone must have loved it intensely at some point and now its just sitting in dark weather warning away drivers.

Here is something to cheer you up: instructions on making little shelves to hold teeny plant pots:

I wish I had the tools and know-how needed to do things like this. Sure, its a simple enough project and I bet I could have built it back in industrial arts class but these days? I have nary a cutting tool let alone a router :(

We have been working on updating the basement kitchen for the last week. So far its just been paint, Stephen King and future planning but I've been on the lookout for a base cabinet. Habitat for Humanity has used cabinets for $60 (sans top) and I've window shopped a few times.

This Ikea hack is pretty clever: They took the ubiquitous Expedit, tacked on wheels, bar and insets. Then two cutting boards became a top. That is pretty genius since cutting boards are definitly cheaper and sturdier. The wheels are $40 at Ikea and the bar less than $10. The shelf is always on craigslist for $15-$20. However since the basement is a rental I am better off buying something super sturdy no one will ever try to race or topple over.

This one caught me off-guard though because I have that table-top and legs. That shelf is about $30 on craigslist all the time too. My kitchen table has been slowly falling apart and I am already down one kitchen chair so I am kind of antsy to replace the whole thing. I keep holding off because we are planning to marry and cohabitate in 2013 but if the right deal came along I would be all over it. As is I don't need more storage in the kitchen so won't be performing this awesome little hack.