Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lowes: Women's build day 2

Today was our second class: framing and sheetrock

First we split into two groups then measured out 2x4s to build a pair of four foot walls. Studs were every 16 inches. I used a circular saw for the first time ever and it was super easy!

Then we nailed our studs together and I kept hitting a knot which kept bending my nail but in the end was ok.

Here is one of our instructors putting our two walls together.

Each group put up one side of the sheetrock. See the second row from the end with the perfectly spaced screws? That was my row. We did this part with drills and I was just drilling inside my house this morning so this was old hat to me.

This is what the inside looks like.

Next week is trim and molding, which should be pretty cool. I want to trim out the basement bathroom door and learning how to do it for free is awesome.

Now I want to go build short walls all over the place!