Thursday, February 28, 2013

Look I painted my room!

Ever do something and then go "Why didn't I do this before!?" Well back in 2011 I started to stencil my bedroom wall, got wishy washy and ignored it for the next year and a half.

I'm not kidding - this is what my bedroom still looked like two weeks ago:

Isn't it awful how often we leave the bedroom for last in any home improvement?

The most annoying part of this room is who knows how many paint jobs ago someone wallpapered , attempted to remove it and gave up! Afterwards someone painted the walls yellow without taping the ceiling, put up a crapton of nails and used semi-gloss paint.

Yep, that is what I would shake my head at every day.

So one morning I woke up, took down the curtain and started spackling. I didn't even have time to make the bed!

Yellow is not one of my favorite colors so I really had to look in order to find a picture with yellow in it. This one is at my dad's friend's farm. See the burned yellow grass? Bad for cattle, great for coordinating a room with colors I never use.

I'd already started spackling the molding and fixing holes here. This house is over 100 years old with its original molding. Yes - over 100 years of everyone putting up and removing curtains all over the place. See how I didn't take down my blinds? I'm lazy.

So here is the after. Please note those were the curtains I always had in here. They were just already down by picture #1. I swaped out the farm pic for a statue pic from the Chicago Art Institute. It turned out pretty well considering I couldn't use a flash.

Here is a nice overcast day. I swapped out my bookshelf for an etagere I've had for years. It used to be in my office, then in the storage room and is now back here. Loving a set palette of colors makes it really easy to accessorize and move stuff around. See that radio on the second shelf? Its replacing the Brookstone I love but is too wide for that shelf.

Before right side. The door on the right is open into the room. The one on the left goes to the closet. That door is never closed but you guys don't need to see my clothes and purses.

After right side

This was a bday gift from my guy last year.

Flat paint covers a multitude of imperfections. I used the quart of silver Rustoleum paint I've had since 2009 and that sucker is going to outlast me! Its at least 80% full and I painted that kitchen set (three chairs), this stripe, that frame over my bed and a whole bunch of misc little things in the past four years BUT THERE IS SO MUCH paint left!

The downside to using it on a wall is the blue painter's tape kept pulling it off. I even painted over the tape to "seal it in" beforehand. Luckily I had a silver sharpie that filled it right in. The other downside is how AWFUL that paint smells. I slept at my cousin's that night and kept my air purifier running 24/7 until the smell was gone.

Here is another example of why shiny paint on damaged walls is a bad idea unless in controlled amounts. Also see that white stripe behind my bed? That was not on purpose!

The green came from mixing what was left of my tiffany trifecta paint with some oopsie beige I had sitting around. Then I dumped all the white paint left in this place - ceiling paint, primer and flat white all got mixed in a large bucket and applied to the wall. Unfortunately there still wasn't enough so I bought a gallon of white at KMart and darned if the thing wasn't tinted blue! It looks white UNLESS you have it next to something else white. Well I wasn't going to risk painting it on the silver so I striped an extra piece of white here and it works.

Since I moved the bookcase and books to the other room I bought the ooma in. I also seasonally replaced my awesome bedside lamp with this block of ice lamp I picked up at a garage sale for a buck a year ago. My sunlight lamp is hanging out and trying to be useful but on a day like this? Not likely. Oh that black and grey thing is a set of controllers for my heated blanket. It saves me so much money in electricity and is so soft. *swoon*

Also remember I bought those sconces and mirrors to try over my jewelry cabinet? Meh. I am going to keep this room as simple as possible. That means less to clean and even less to distract me at bedtime.

Since I used stuff I had on hand for this room all I needed was a gallon of white.

Room renovation total: $15