Thursday, February 7, 2013

Logitech is sorry - wants to give you a free usb extension cord

Remember that keyboard I picked up in 2010? I am still pretty happy with it and if it were to give up the ghost tomorrow I would happily rebuy the same model. See that calculator button shortcut in the top right corner? As an eBayer that button gets pushed daily.

The mouse? Its ehh

See, I loved my Wacom tablet until my computer started acting wonky. It killed a sound card, pretended to have never seen the Wacom and now tells me the drivers are permanently MIA.

I compromised by pulling out the Logitech mouse that came with the keyboard and things are ok. Mouse movements aren't as precise as with a Wacom and my hand gets tired of curving but I don't work from home as often so I deal.

The most anoying part of using the mouse is it always loses connection to the usb. The keyboard is fine but the mouse needs to be reset about once a day. Perhaps my dark wood desk blocks more signal than that old glass desk?

In either case I'm not the only Logitecher unimpressed because the company finally set up an on-line order form to order a usb extender for free.

Some new items come pre-packaged with the extender so this may be their way of making it up to their old customers. That's nice of them.