Saturday, February 9, 2013

Logitech are a bunch of lying jerks

Not really, I'm just filled with teenaged angst towards them right now.

I'll ignore an inconvenience if I don't think it can be easily resolved. Unfortunately once I realize there is a solution I will harp until its fixed.

Segway to:

Remember how Logitech said they would send us all range extenders for our digi-products if we sent them proof of purchase?

I guess they weren't banking on digital receipts and pdfs cause I received this e-mail:
Thank you for your interest in the USB extension cable from Logitech. Please note that this offer was only valid while supplies lasted, as stated on the order form. We regret that the cable is now out of stock and we will not be able to fill any more orders. This offer is now closed.

Best regards,
Logitech Customer Care

After Logitech pointed out this issue I started keeping tally of how often my mouse loses connection and its about twice a day! Keep in mind I sit at the computer for about an hour on and off all day mostly to eBay or update a website. This isn't twice over an eight hour work period.

Sure, all I have to do is flip the mouse and push the connect button and its fixed. As a non-gamer a few mouse-less buttons don't impact me much but what was previously a mild annoyance has developped into a pebble in my shoe.

Perhaps its time to trouble-shoot my Wacom back to life.