Monday, February 4, 2013

Lets just project everything, shall we?

In my head there are still two kinds of projectors:

1. The slide projectors we used in health class to discuss human reproduction in grade school
2. The movie theatre projectors I never think about

Yet it seems personal projectors are the way movie watching is heading. They even have teeny projectors for under $100 you can hook up to your iPhone so folks can see your pets and children in life-sized glory.

I hang over at and most of the home set-ups by serious movie watchers (the kinds that convert their basements into home theatres) feature projectors rather than televisions.

See what I mean? This guy gave up the possibility of light in favor of cool movie memorabilia. FYI, gold gilted frames are what separate posters from memorabilia.
This Roku streaming projector jumped up on one of my recommended shopping visits to Amazon. It still costs $300 and the resolution is 800x480 (decent) but it can go up to 120 inches wide. That's 10 feet for my math flunkers! TEN FEET!

The charge is 2.5 on battery life or you can plug it in and play as long as you paid your power bill.

I see rokus price dropping all the time to about $50 but this one is the only one I see that can be plugged into a projector. I still use my wii for streaming but as the price keeps dropping I keep being more and more tempted to switch to a Roku. My wii has been around since summer 08 and while the sucker seems built to last maybe its time to use it less for non-gaming purposes.