Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Twilight is out NEXT SATURDAY! I suddenly care

Since the final installment is finally out I can admit I like Twilight. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying I love it. I've given my little cousin five years of grief over her interest in the movies/books. I've never gone to see one of these in-theatre. I didn't even start collecting the movies until Blockbuster had them for $2 each.

The whole Bella/Edward love triangle is annoying.

What I'm trying to figure out is - do I just like it because it has vampires and my all-time favorite show will probably always be BtVS? Maybe.

Either case I get to watch Breaking Dawn 2 when it comes out next Saturday. Amazon has it up for pre-order for $19.99 and Best Buy has the same plus a bonus edition with a locket keychain for $3 more:

The other Twilights will be $9 too.

I'm planning on a release day purchase because blu-rays are cheapest release week then prices stagnate until mid-summer and plummet in November. Lets not risk it - especially since Best Buy has been giving away points for answering polls for a month now:

Someone figured if you only did the default User Poll daily (without special events or rooms) you would get $5 every 10 days. I'm up to $15 free bucks so this blu will be almost free by the time I get it.

No, I am not planning on buying the keychain edition.