Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kanye's Nikes cost more than a house!

Some NY Sandy-relief charity group convinced a bunch of celebrities to donate personal items. The items are being eBayed off with all proceeds going to help rebuild the city.

Most of the stuff is mundane - a purse, a painting, a coat, etc. Kelly Osbourne donated a gorgeous dress and its still reasonably priced here:

The auction's coup are definitely Kanye's sneakers which are currently at over $99,000!!!


They started at .99 and all bidders have to be pre-approved to bid so this isn't a 13 year old in their parent's basement shillbidding - presumably this is a legitimate offer to buy KANYE'S VERY USED SNEAKERS!

How used, you ask. This used I reply:
I bet all the bids are coming from Nike to drum up publicity for their shoe. $100k is nothing to a company accustomed to hiring millionaire athletes to rep their wares.