Thursday, February 21, 2013

I went to Ikea today - bought a bunch of stuff I didn't need

I love going into Ikea backwards - through the return/as-is section then ambling through plants and candles to lighting, mirror and frames. After that I turn around, pay and go home. Furniture is for pansies without craigslist ;)

First I bought this HUGE lampshade. Its at least 18" across and cost a whopping $3.

I used it to cover an existing tiffany light in my dining room turned office. The existing lamp is pretty but my style is modern with a love of all things silver on white with circles. I purchased a plain white shade for this very purpose over a year ago but it wasn't wide enough to cover this thing. I've also spent a lot of time on a ladder trying to figure out how to unhook/remove the shade but have finally accepted I can't do it without risk of electric shock/death.

It looks kind of cool from inside. I wish the lampshade was wide enough to hang it right side up but this will do.

Doesn't it look adorable at night? Its an inverted lace looking thing.

Next up was this Foto lamp for $7 with bulb. Up there - hanging from the ceiling. My kitchen lighting sucks, there was already a hook in the ceiling and I love silver. The super long cord was wound so I figured there was a light switch somewhere in there but it turns out this is a Plug and Play lamp. I'm not sure what to do with it now. The downside to as-is items is they cannot be returned otherwise this little trinket would be on its way back. There is a plug on the wall under the shelves but I don't fancy plugging/unplugging it all the time.

It could look cute over here over my sink but would not be as utalitarian. I know a lot of folks have over-sink lighting but I've never understood why. Maybe they have larger kitchens.

These brackets are normally $5 each but were $2. The matching shelf was $20 so I figured I would see what Lowes has in stock Tuesday since I will be there anyway.

The Kryssbo caught me with its "Last chance, being discontinued" price of $19.99. Its plugged in and I thought it would look super cute over my mirrored jewelry stand. Then I thought it would look cute over my nightstand. Then I wondered why I was so busy decorating a place I plan to be leaving in a few months and considered returning it. In either case check out its adorable faux-sconeness:

Last up were these Malma mirrors at $2 each. This is regular price but I was so shocked to see them in white (I never go to Ikea) that I had to pick up four. Again - I think these are going in my bedroom.

Other mirrors I considered but left behind were:

Lots - 4 for $10. I love these mirrors but I don't know how to get them on the wall. I have a frameless mirror attached with wall clips and I hate how it looks.

The Honefoss was only $15 but was another of those "How!?" items. It comes with double stick tape but I wouldn't risk it. If it weren't half-coppery I would be tempted to mount one of these on thin ply-wood and stick it on a wall.

I love mirrors and lighting so very much.


Eric said...

Two words: THE CLAPPER

There, I have fixed your kitchen light issue!

<3 the fiance