Saturday, February 23, 2013

I may be the only person unimpressed by the Mohu Leaf antenna

Remember that post from 2011 when I was ecstatic with my hdtv antenna? Its still performing perfectly but I wanted to try out the Leaf the internet is always raving about.

The truly badass go for up to $100 but I went for the base model $40 edition since its price point is comparable to $30 for my old RCA.

Cute box but what does it say in the bottom left corner?

The internet always says that so now I'm excited!

I paid how much for something so thin I can barely photograph!?

Antenna cable, some velcro dots and a few pushins to ... push ... into the antenna corners to wall mount it.

The bottom looks like this. Run the cable from this to the tv.

My old antenna hangs out behind Jack on the tv stand.

See what a nice job it does blending in? Also WHAT IS THAT CREEPY FACE REFLECTING  IN MY TV!? It looks like circular smudges on the screen but I only dust this thing.

Ugh, I thought Apple was the only company annoying enough to make component cables white.

41 channels, decent picture. What about channel 11 though? The CW is 14 miles from my house and I would love to watch the Vampire Diaries in real time.

No signal - same as my old antenna.

Time for my patented stand on the couch's armrest and balance move.

See what I did? This is as high as this baby was going.

TUNING instead of No Signal!!!

Then it Keaunu'd the Matrix out of the picture.

BUT LOOK! When I was standing on the couch rest to bring down the antenna my hand was on the metal part at the bottom and the reception was perfect!

Unfortunately I couldn't live up there.

So in the end I returned the Leaf. I wasn't getting any new channels (without precarious balancing) and the picture was just as clear with the old RCA. I contemplated keeping it anyway but did you see the white border in the first picture when I was holding it sideways? Between that and the white cable it really stuck out on my tv stand.


Christine Buff said...

Hello Anny!

This is Christine Buff again. Did you get my last comment I sent a couple weeks ago? I haven't heard back from you. It was regarding the Mohu Leaf that you were not impressed with. Let me know if you did receive it and if not, I will resend! Thanks so much

Christine Buff,
Affiliate Marketing Director at Mohu

Anny said...

Hi Christine,

I can't figure out how to contact you so have not been in touch.

Christine Buff said...
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Christine Buff said...

I'm sorry Anny,
You can email me back at