Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yay I have Sunshine in a Jar!

Lets face it - it was only a matter of time until I bought one of those solar powered lights in a jar. I love lighting, I love one time costs and I am running out of things to buy ;)

Actually, I've been pricing these out for a few years and while I often saw them for less than $10 I finally bit the bullet when FAB practically gave them away. You can get your own FAB $35 freebie here too:

I know I always compare clever packaging to Apple products but check out this awesome little cube:

It even has little validations on the inside flap. As I am not Dean Winchester I accept all validations as proffered ;)

Under the air bubbles was my lamp:

I really like this retro packaging

Sunshine IS free!

Looks like I can leave it safely outside (once I own an outside to brighten)

Yeppers, I read all instructions before playing with stuff. Not doing so leads to forehead smacks and who likes those?

Inside there are two settings: auto on and charge. I have it set to charge even though its still 10am and the sky looks like this:

If this works this will be room number three with auto-light capabilities. I have one of those battery operated LED lights under my bathroom sink and convinced my Christmas lights with timers to be winter lights in the living room.

What can I say? I'm lazy and disdain tripping over things.