Thursday, January 17, 2013

This puppy story is nuts

When Good Morning America offers to fly you in to pick out a puppy you take off work STAT
That puppy family I mentioned yesterday ended up on Good Morning America today!

First of all - kudos to that show - which is on way too early for me to ever watch! In this internetty world it must be tough to remain relevant:

Second - check out the dad's chagrin as he explains he was trying to buy some time before they got a new puppy. Then check him out reprimanding them for hopping all over the bed. Even though this segment was under "Parenting" the kids ignore him! Looks like we are redefining parenting to mean kids parenting instead of the other way around :P

I guess the good part of this attention is more folks will adopt rescue pups instead of buying pricier breeds. As long as it doesn't end up like those poor post-Easter chicks I am all for animals having homes.