Sunday, January 13, 2013

So then the Buffy coordinators comes out with home footage almost a decade later

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Oh Buffy...

So ready for some really old-school gossip? Back in ye old Buffy days they had a stunt coordinator they named Jeff Pruitt. Jeff married SMG's stunt double Sophia Crawford.

SMG had a brown belt in something and did some of her own stunts but obviously Sophia was the major butt kicking talent. Well the media was all "Ohhhh SMG is SO awesome! Check out her real bruises and did you hear she broke a rib doing stunts? OMG dudes!"

So Jeff pulled out his inner Mean Girl and channeled it all at SMG, who was hogging his wife's limelight. Next thing you know both he and Sophia are canned and Buffy has a new stunt double.

So sometime this week Jeff Pruitt started uploading "home video" clips of the stunt doubles doing their thing and all that gossip just rushes back.

I really wish geometry would come back as quickly. Heck - I would settle for having fraction to decimal conversions come back instead of old tv gossip :P

Ahh memories
Here is Jeff's page:

You better hurry up and watch though because FOX loves suing everyone over everything and I have a feeling these clips are going to vanish sooner than a legitimate love relationship in the Whedon-verse.