Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fading toward a printerly farewell

I love my blog.

It reminds me I had a lexmark in fall of 2008. When it was time to move I craigslisted it to a woman who came by in a taxi. In 2011 I had less space and printed from work. When it was time to take off again I picked up an adorable Brother. Its been a few years (and two moves) but I think its time to upgrade and send this 665cw off into the craigslist void.

Since buying my iPad last year I don't spend much time on my desktop unless I am working. Unfortunately that means every time I need to print an eBay label (which happens often when you're a power seller) I need to boot up my computer, turn on my printer, check connections and then print.

I am still sticking to Brother because the generic ink for these devices is ridiculously cheap. I've gotten cartridges for as little as $2 and they last months since I only print coupons, labels and the ocassional homework assignment for a cousin.

Brother also has "Brother iPrint&Scan" - a free application that enables you to print from and scan to your iOS device (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad). This will be great for keeping records of rebatables and e-mailing paperwork.

Are you my new printer?
My $518.37 Office Depot reward just came through (hello batteries) and am debating the MFC-J4510DW and the MFC-J825dw. The difference is only $30 so I will have to check them out in store and see which I prefer.