Monday, January 28, 2013

All these USPS shipping changes are killing me

In spite of postal increases being announced back in October eBay won't be ready to print shipping labels until MARCH! They even suggest signing up for a different service in the meantime:
Sellers that wish to utilize this service before it is available via eBay Labels—and sellers who have sold items with the Parcel Select service—will need to go to the Post Office or an alternate online postage provider (i.e. Pitney Bowes,,, etc.) to purchase this class of service.

Why is eBay having these database management issues? They take a nice chunk out of every sale and the USPS increases prices almost yearly. The main guy should have looked up the old code and updated with new numbers.

If the USPS will be ready, why can't eBay?

The main reason why this pisses me off is that I lose my 20% "Top Seller" shipping discount when I ship via another service or the post office.

Of course I am also bummed by the "about a buck" increase across the board on all shipping fees. I know the USPS is hurting but I have over 40 auctions I need to update now.