Friday, December 7, 2012

Shall we talk of free batteries?

As always December is free battery month. Throw on coupons (don't qualm buying them on eBay) for some extra savings.

Starting last month Staples has been giving away 2 16 count Duracell (AA or AAA) battery packs weekly. Cost in-store: $13.99 each

Office Depot is giving away 4 16 count Energizer batteries (AA or AAA) daily. Cost in-store: $13.49 each

Office Max is one-upping Staples: 2 20 count Duracell batteries (AA or AAA) for $16.99 with $16.98 back weekly

All these rewards are returned next month as store credit. At Staples rewards can be used towards the purchase of gift cards. At Office Depot rewards can be used towards purchasing UPS or USPS postage as well as stamps. I don't know what happens over at the Max since they abanadoned Jersey years ago.