Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review: Memorex Wireless Nunchuk for the Wii

I've been keeping up with the Wii Active and am starting to see progress! My legs have definite muscles now! Sadly my midsection seems identical to when I started but I shouldn't be surprised. That Wii has me jumping and running and squatting all the time with nary a crunch or situp.

Speaking of running and jumping - I finally got sick of hitting myself with the Wii cord and ordered a memorex wireless nunchuck. The reviews were positive and the price was right.

Inside the package was a remote and an attachment that goes at the base of the regular wii-mote so they can relay info back and forth. The nunchuck has an on/off switch and a sync button. It comes with a charging cable.

The Memorex nunchuck is a little deeper than the bundled one so its a tighter fit in my Active holder but I got used to it pretty quickly.

What has proven problematic is the syncing.

It always hooks up quickly. Unfortunately if the nunchuck isn't used for five minutes it will shut off and require a resyncing. I've only used it for the Wii Active game but I imagine its as frustrating in other games. The only way to keep it from shutting off is to move around the toggle every five minutes or so. This is easily resolved when its in my leg brace as its permanently shifted there. However if I am lifting weights or doing kickbacks for more than a few consecutive exercises I inevitably forget to move the toggle and need to resync.

This is still much better than using the Wii nunchuck with its attached cable. I always hit myself or was afraid to fully extend my arms and break the control or the cable.

So is it a perfect solution? Sadly not. Does it appear to be the best current solution? Yep.