Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Martha Stewart Battery Operated Holiday Lights

I picked up two sets of Martha Stewart led battery operated lights with built in timers last month when Home Depot had their yearly $3 trade-in of old lights. I picked up one set of slim wire lights for about $4. The lights are teeny and the wire was ridiculously easy to mold. Initially I was going to drape them around but then I decided to wrap them around some holiday branches I had in the living room.

The best part is they run off of three AA batteries and since its December Staples is giving away two sets of 16 Duracell batteries a week while Office Depot is giving away four sets of 16 Energizer batteries a day!

During the day you wouldn't even be able to tell there was anything electronic in there unless I were lazy and didn't completely tuck in the wire. *cough*

For the center window I went with a thicker wire of lights. It also had the built in timer and runs on three batteries. They look like this but are battery operated. The wire is thin enough that during the day you can barely see it. The lights look like they are floating in place.

These lights are much brighter and the strand was about a foot shorter for the same price. See how thin they are compared to a standard string of holiday beads?

See? Can't even see the wire during the day. They are right below the silver beaded garland.

The only giveaway of shenanigans is that brown box which rests right over the window shade.

I've had these lights on their built in timers running from 5:30 to 11:30. There is an option to make the lights pulse (slow blink) or continue steadily on. I have them steadily on. I will report back when I determine the battery lives on these babies.

Batteries lasted almost three weeks. Not bad considering they are on for six hours and also house a timer.

I also bought a generic store brand string of lights for the porch. I think its 9 feet long but it operates on 3 D batteries so I expect those to last quite a while. They were $11 and also had the built in timer. I could set them to be white, multi-colored or switch between the two. Right now I have them set to multi.

So far I have been extremely happy with my lights. They don't require my remembering to turn them on, operate on free batteries and look great!


Cliff said...

Does anyone know where one can buy these lights in off season?

Cliff said...

Does anyone know where one can buy these lights in off season?