Friday, November 30, 2012

I know I have too much stuff

My guy and I are talking about our future home together and I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF I have. Remember Edward Norton's perfect little apartment at the beginning of Fight Club? That is what my current home feels like.

I had 39 auctions up on eBay today. I am (finally) a Power Seller and this time of year folks are tripping over themselves to buy. I am selling my friend's dvds and some of my cousin's clothes for her. Other than that its just me looking around and asking "should you move with me?" I've managed to close three auctions today but it didn't even make a dent.

Swapadvd has been...exactly what I expected it to be. I used to collect dvds about a decade ago but after moving a few times forced myself to stop. Now I've sparked that collecting bug with blu-rays. I nearly doubled my blu-ray collection in 2012. They all have replay value and I have great surround sound, comfy couches and folks to watch with. At the same time there is a voice yelling at me to minimize.

This voice has been in my head most of my adult life. Its my anti-hoarding voice. It talks about moving and impermanence and not needing to have every material desire fulfilled.

I think that's really it. With expendable income these past few years I've managed to really buy everything I wanted. Asides from movies on this Black Friday I didn't have anything I wanted to buy or upgrade. The electronics are fine, the furniture is fine, the kitchen is fine. Now I am planning to move it all and it may not be fine.

There will be redundancies in our belongings. That shelf with a perfect spot may not have a spot. Things will be damaged in the move.

Sometimes I understand why Edward Norton just fire bombed it all ;)