Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Then I did 29 minutes in 30

Today I felt like the woman in that old Stephen King story who takes so many driving shortcuts that she starts going back in time!

I did my mid-afternoon EA workout and it went pretty well. I am still awful at jumping. I can get about halfway through before feeling like collapsing and the last two "jumps" are barely more than bounces. The game chastises but is optimistic.

I like the workout coach. The little "picture in picture" is surprisingly clear and she does a good job of pinpointing why I am doing a move incorrectly.

My arms and shoulders felt sore after last night's workout but feel fine now. Today's work out left me very sweaty and tired but not in pain. The best part was completing all of my workouts with a minute to spare! On the first day it took me almost an hour to get through the 30 minutes :D


Alicia said...

It's gets easier. Not that I've ever done it...lol. But I know that when I first started riding my bike I could only do like 1/2 a mile and eventually got up to 7 miles, just press on a little more each day.